Work has begun..

So my first day was yesterday & it went well. I thought I was going to have a mini panic attack after I was told I was going to be the Afterschool Counselor for 13 second and third graders but it honestly wasn’t so bad.

There were at least 2 kids in my group who tried to test me since I’m new but once they realized I wouldn’t stand for bad behavior they listened to me.

Highlights of the day:

1. One of the little boys was asking me if I knew what Pokemon was. I said “Yes, I grew up with Pokemon.” Next thing I know the boy gets excited and says “Oh wow! You grew up with a real Pokemon?!” I should have said yes!

2. I took my group of kids out to the playground and then my coworker brought her group of kindergarteners to join us. They were all curious as to who I was, but one boy asked “Are you a boy or girl?” ( I guess my haircut is confusing…) then when I said “Girl” he gave me the paper airplane he had made that day as a gift. :P


So, yeah, I’m enjoying it so far and I can see it helping me in terms of social anxiety. I just don’t interact with my group of kids, I also talk to their parents or greet them when they come to pick them up.